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6-inch zygopetalums for sale

Plants in 6-inch pots are bulb and growth to flowering size and may be in spike.
The first line contains our file number and name of the hybrid (if any). If we have a photo of a plant from the cross, the number will be a link to the photo. The second line is the names of the parents. The third line is the expected appearance of the flower.

6" pot size seedling plants are $15.00 each not in spike or $20.00 each with a single spike (October to March only; please inquire about availability). Meristem plants may be higher. All plants are normally shipped bare root with the potting mix removed. We do not normally ship plants in spike! Plants in spike are normally available only at the nursery. To arrange for shipment of 6" plants in pot or in spike, contact us directly to determine the additional shipping charges required.

This is the current listing, and supersedes all previous lists.

LB 1969 Pbt. Copper Queen
Pbt. Kiwi Gold 'Sunspots' x Z. New Era 'Mahogany'
Limited! Remake of the intergeneric zygo alliance Copper Queen cross with two slightly different parents. The original crosses had some interesting yellow flowers with a dark pattern.

LB 1970 Unnamed Propabstopetalum Hybrid
Pbt. Kiwi Gold 'Sunspots' x Z. Kiwi Korker 'Kutie' AM/AOS
Limited! This could be similar to the Copper Queen cross. It also could produce some award quality flowers using the outstanding Kiwi Korker as a parent.

Zygopetalum Mem. Lottie Lehmann ‘Old Lace’ is a petal peloric zygo. Decent size for a zygo and can bloom in both fall and spring. Some have bloomed a year out of a cell tray and the peloric markings come through in the clone. Most of the clone has also bloomed out as true three-lip flowers, as seen in this picture. $40 each!

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