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3-inch seedlings for sale

Seedlings in 3-inch pots are typically large single growth or bulb and growth, and we ship the largest plants available. Plants of new hybrids (higher numbers) may be only medium sized single growths.
The first line contains our file number and name of the hybrid (if any). The second line is the names of the parents. The third line is the expected appearance of the flower.

3" pot size seedlings are priced at $8.00 each.

Please feel free to print out our order form!

This is the current listing, and supersedes all previous lists. Plants numbered up to LB 1764 are no longer available in 3" pots.

LB 2018 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Hazel Fay 'Shocking' AM/AOS B/CSA x Cym. Delta Dawn 'Sunrise'
Limited! We're always looking for new plants to use in breeding, and this is the first time for Delta Dawn. Combined with Hazel Fay, these should be some nice oranges for midseason. Could bloom fairly quickly as well.

LB 2023 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Grand Dame 'Nancy' x Cym. Brenda 'Geyserland'
Both of these are big clear round white flowers, and we expect more of the same. These should bloom for the spring shows.

LB 2028 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Dosido 'Freckleface' x Cym. Hazel Fay 'Shocking' AM/AOS B/CSA
Limited! Here we should have some nice oranges to yellows, some with some dark spots or possibly a red overlay. Most will bloom in Jan.-Feb. but there could be some in December.

LB 2029 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Everett Stockstill 'Bulai' x Cym. Vogelsang 'Eastborne' 4N
These could be interesting. Should be novelty to small standard flowers on arching spikes, light orange to pink, similar to our Cabaret cross, but with some spotting. Should bloom in Feb-March.

LB 2032 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Mighty Mouse 'Minnie' 2N x Cym. Pinata 'Darth Vader'
Mighty Mouse has produced a lot of varied color crosses for us, but we really haven't tried it with any of our spotted parents yet. Here, we're looking for mostly orange to light red diploids with lots of spotting and nice dark mostly solid to banded lips and nice long spikes for the March shows, but expect the unexpected!

LB 2033 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Brenda 'Geyserland' x Cym. Easter Candy 'Bunny'
Limited! 'Bunny' is a sepal peloric with a light pink flush on the lip. Combined with Brenda, these should be half sepal pelorics with an unusual light pink lip, rather than the darker red or spotted lip and markings that you usually see. Will be interestingly lipped whites in any case.

LB 2035 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Bob Marlin 'Erika' x Cym. Cherie 'Prolific'
Limited! These should be large standard flowers in the dark pink to light red shades for February. Could be some oranges and bronzes as well.

New crosses for 2017-2018!
These are generally single growth plants with 8-10" leaf length.

LB 2065 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Helen Tangcay 'Passion' x Cym. James Toya 'Velvet Fire'
Here's a cross to produce some interesting pink standards, possibly with some patterning from Helen Tangcay. Presumably tetraploids to flower in Feb.-March.

LB 2082 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Sharon Osato 'Mercutio' x Cym. Ruby Lips 'Erika'
We've been known for our red cymbidiums over the years, and here's the latest. First time that we've used our remake of Sharon Osato for hybridizing. Show quality is possible.

LB 2083 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Karen 'Mokoia Sunset' x Cym. Sunshine Smile 'Harriet Ishitani' 4N
This could be an interesting color combination. 'Mokoia Sunset' is a pastel orange color, while Sunshine Smile is a pure color yellow. Probably yellows with a hint of orange, but who knows. Tetraploid.

LB 2084 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Karen 'Mokoia Sunset' x Cym. Tower of Fire 'Sunset Flame'
Tower of Fire is a great round yellow with some red splashing that we acquired pollen from and hopefully put to good use. With Karen, we may see yellow to pale orange with some red overlaying.

LB 2085 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Valley Splash 'Awesome' x Cym. Woody Wilson 'Snowbird'
Valley Splash has been a good parent Down Under, and we've seen some nice results here. With Woody Wilson, these should be nice whites with a light pink patterns for the spring shows.

LB 2086 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Ruby Lips 'Erika'Cym. Ruby Lips 'Erika' x Cym. Burma Ruby 'Midnight'
This is another cross of good big reds. We haven't used Burma Ruby much before this, but Ruby Lips 'Erika' is one of our best.

LB 2088 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Bodacious 'Nancy' x Cym. Tower of Fire 'Sunset Flame'
Bodacious 'Nancy' is a big yellow that we haven't used for hybridizing before. Combined with Tower of Fire, these should be nice big yellows with some red overlaying.

LB 2089 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Ruby Lips 'Nancy' x Cym. Sharon Osato 'Mercutio'
Another cross of two nice reds. Should be similar to LB 2082, although Ruby Lips 'Nancy' has more of a purple shade than 'Erika'. Look for flowers in Feb.-March.

LB 2090 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Miki Mouse 'Gold Dust' x Cym. Tower of Fire 'Sunset Flame'
Miki Mouse 'Gold Dust' is a surprise yellow from a mostly green cross that we've had for a while but haven't used much. These should be big round yellows, probably similar to LB 2088, but may have larger flowers and/or longer spikes.

LB 2091 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Pontac 'Trinity' x Cym. Hazel Fay 'Shocking'
Hazel Fay 'Shocking' was a surprise tetraploid from a mostly triploid orange cross, with great color to boot, and has been a mainstay of our breeding program. With the red Pontac, expect nice dark orange to light red flowers for February.

LB 2094 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Marie Bashir 'Flash' x Cym. Karen 'Mokoia Sunset'
There could be some interesting color combinations here. Marie Bashir has a mahogany red pattern over a dark yellow background, while Karen is an intriguing pastel orange. Mostly oranges with some red overlay. Should be good growing plants as well.

LB 2095 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Hazel Fay 'Shocking' x Cym. (Giant's Causeway x Electric Ladyland) 'Morgan'
'Morgan' is a light orange-red with tall spikes. Combined with Hazel Fay, we should have nice oranges, possibly with some red, for February.

LB 2096 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Marie Bashir 'Flash' x Cym. Galette 'Lemon Meringue' S/CSA
'Lemon Meringue' is a new yellow with great shape and size. Ideally, here we'll see its size and the floriferousness, red patterning, and plant vigor from Marie Bashir in this cross.

LB 2097 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Hazel Fay 'Shocking' x Cym. Tower of Fire 'Sunset Flame'
Here, what we're looking for are big yellow to orange flowers with the red patterning from Tower of Fire. Could be awards for Feb.-March.

LB 2098 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Pele 'Prolific' x Cym. Sharon Osato 'Mercutio'
Once again, a cross looking for big reds for the spring. Could be some show quality flowers here.

LB 2099 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Valley of Death '600' x Cym. Sharon Osato 'Mercutio'
'600' was the best from our second making of the Valley of Death cross. With Sharon Osato, we're looking for more nice reds for the spring shows.

LB 2101 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Scooby Doo 'Daphne' x Cym. Tower of Fire 'Sunset Flame'
This is a cross of two different flowers with a red pattern over a yellow background. Ideally, we'd get more of the same, but there could be anything from solid yellow to orange-red here. Show quality is possible.

LB 2102 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Scooby Doo 'Daphne' x Cym. Karen 'Mokoia Sunset'
Most of these should have a yellow to light orange background with a red overlay, but there could be an interesting effect if the base color is orange. Maybe some solid oranges, too.

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