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6" Cym. seedlings 5/27/2024

Meristem plants 6"

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6-inch plants for sale

Plants in 6-inch pots are bulb and growth to flowering size and may be in spike.
The first line contains our file number and name of the hybrid (if any). If we have a photo of a plant from the cross, the number will be a link to the photo. The second line is the names of the parents. The third line is the expected appearance of the flower.

6" pot size plants are $15.00 each not in spike or $20.00 each with a single spike (October to March only; please inquire about availability). All plants are normally shipped bare root with the potting mix removed. We do not normally ship plants in spike! Plants in spike are normally available only at the nursery. To arrange for shipment of 6" plants in pot or in spike, contact us directly to determine the additional shipping charges required.

This is the current listing, and supersedes all previous lists.

LB 2110 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Green Glass 'Solana Beach' x Cym. (Icho Tower x Mighty Mouse) 'Chartreuse'
'Chartreuse' is a new seedling-grown plant that we haven't used before. Combined with the old reliable Green Glass, these should be good-sized standard flowers in the green shades for the spring shows.

LB 2113 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Memoria Merv Dunn 'Golden Girl' x Cym. Daisy Mae 'Erika'
If you're looking for pure color yellows, this is the cross for you. Both of these are large flowers that bloom in Jan.-Feb.

LB 2124 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Everett Stockstill 'Bulai' x Cym. Mighty Mouse 'Minnie' 4N
We made this to try to get a range of colors among our spotted flowers. 'Bulai' is a large round spotted flower, while Mighty Mouse can produce almost any color possible, usually with lots of flowers on long spikes. We'll see if any of the spotting comes through.

LB 2125 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Soft Kitty 'Sugar' x Cym. Hazel Dawn 'Pinkie'
Hazel Dawn 'Pinkie' was a surprise pink over white patterned flower in an otherwise yellow-background cross. With the big round white 'Sugar', we're looking to get better shape with a patterned flower.

LB 2128 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Sunrise Fire 'Art' x Cym. Scooby Doo 'Daphne'
Both of these have a red pattern over a yellow background. Sunrise Fire has a much heavier pattern, while Scooby Doo has better shape with just a hint of red. We're looking for more striking patterned flowers, but some could be solid yellow.

LB 2130 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Valley Champion 'Gorgeous' x Cym. Solana Rose 'Nancy'
These should be nice light pink standard flowers. Some could have a hint of a pink over white pattern as well.

LB 2133 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Hazel Marie 'Persimmon' x Cym. Galette 'Lemon Meringue' S/CSA
This is a cross of two of our newer hybrids, and could produce some interesting orange shades. Hazel Marie has an eye-catching orange-red flower, while Galette is a large, very well-formed yellow.

LB 2135 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Cym. Valley of Death '600' x Cym. Stop Sign
We couldn't go a year without making at least one red cross. Both of these are newer dark red flowers, with Valley of Death the best of our remake of the cross. We haven't used Stop Sign much before.

LB 2145 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Delta Dawn 'Sunrise' x Hazel Fay 'Amber'
We used to think that most of the Hazel Fay cross were triploids until someone told us that they would breed. Both of these are nice yellow-orange flowers, and we expect mostly yellow to orange flowers from the cross.

LB 2148 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Marie Bashir '#2' x Delta Dawn 'Sunrise'
Here we're looking for orange flowers with a red flare from Marie Bashir. May be some with a yellow background, and a few could be more of a solid red.

LB 2149 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Hazel Marie 'Persimmon' x Dosido 'Freckleface'
This is an interesting experimental cross. Hazel Marie is an eye-catching dark orange flower that blooms later in the season, while Dosido 'Freckleface' is a big round spotted yellow that usually flowers in December for us. These could be yellow to orange flowers, many with some spotting, and could flower almost any time of the season!

LB 2150 Unnamed Cymbidium Hybrid
Ablaze 'Mine' x Galette 'Lemon Meringue' S/CSA
This is another interesting cross. Both parents are yellow flowers. 'Lemon Meringue' has excellent shape, while Ablaze 'Mine' has a strong red flare. We're hoping for good round flowers with some flaring here, but they should be nice yellows at the very least.

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