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3-inch Other genera seedlings for sale

Seedlings in 3-inch pots are typically large single growth or bulb and growth, and we ship the largest plants available. Plants of new hybrids (higher numbers) may be only medium sized single growths.
The first line contains our file number and name of the hybrid (if any). The second line is the names of the parents. The third line is the expected appearance of the flower.

3" LB numbered pot size zygo alliance seedlings are priced at $8.00 each. Z. Memoria Lottie Lehmann meristems are priced at $25.00 each.

This is the current listing, and supersedes all previous lists.

Zygopetalum Mem. Lottie Lehmann ‘Old Lace’ is a petal peloric zygo. Decent size for a zygo and can bloom in both fall and spring. Interestingly, most of the clones have had the petals appear as a true three-lip flower, unlike the mother plant (pictured). $25 each!

LB 1969 Pbt. Copper Queen
Pbt. Kiwi Gold 'Sunspots' x Z. New Era 'Mahogany'
Remake of the intergeneric zygo alliance Copper Queen cross with two slightly different parents. The original crosses had some interesting yellow flowers with a dark pattern.

LB 1970 Unnamed Propabstopetalum Hybrid
Pbt. Kiwi Gold 'Sunspots' x Z. Kiwi Korker 'Kutie' AM/AOS
This could be similar to the Copper Queen cross. It also could produce some award quality flowers using the outstanding Kiwi Korker as a parent.

New crosses for 2016-2017!
These are generally single growth plants with 8-10" leaf length.

LB 1993 Unnamed Zygopetalum Hybrid
Z. Fandango 'Dusty' x Z. Blackjack 'Reno' AM/AOS
These should be some really nice zygos. Fandango is a very consistent cross that had lots of flowers on tall spikes with good shape. Should be some awards here.

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