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6-inch Meristem Plants for sale

Meristem plants are tissue cultured clones of known high quality plants. Many of these are exclusively ours, and are available nowhere else. Plants in 6-inch pots are bulb and growth to flowering size and may be in spike (October to March only; please inquire about availability).

Click on the small image or the linked text to bring up a larger image of each plant.

Meristem plants are individually priced. For plants in spike, add $5 for each spike. All plants are normally shipped bare root with the potting mix removed. We do not normally ship plants in spike! Plants in spike are normally available only at the nursery. To arrange for shipment of 6" plants in pot or in spike, contact us directly to determine the additional shipping charges required.

This is the current listing, and supersedes all previous lists.

Cym. Baltic Dew 'Freckleface' AM/AOS B/CSA is an old favorite that we’ve brought back. Pale pink 4” flowers with some fine spotting – a little more pronounced towards the ends of the petals. $25 each!
Cym. Dark Forest 'Burgundy' is a deep velvety burgundy red fast growing triploid novelty which produces multiple spikes on a compact plant. It normally blooms with up to 15 3 inch flowers with nearly black lips in March and April. $15 each!
Cym. Happy Lambert 'Torch' is a very dark burgundy red 3 inch flower with a dark red band on a yellow lip. It normally has up to 16 flowers on a 2 foot upright spike blooming from late February to April. It is a diploid and often has 2 spikes on a bulb. $25 each! Limited!
Cym. Helen Tangcay 'Charming' HCC/AOS S/CSA was the Grand Champion Cymbidium at the 2005 Santa Barbara Show. It normally has up to 14 five inch clear pink flowers with heavy substance on a 3 foot tall spike blooming in March. It is a tetraploid. $15 each! Limited!
Impossible Dream 'La Mancha' is a cream colored sepal peloric with a dark red banded lip and some light spotting at the tips of the dorsal sepal and petals. Also has the petal peloric Gilgamesh ‘The Clown’ as a parent. Blooms in Feb.-March. $40 each!
Kauai 'Skyrocket' is an free blooming pure color bright yellow that blooms on tall, upright spikes early in the season. Flowers are about 3” across. $25 each!
Cym. Lambert Day 'Amber' is another old favorite that we’ve brought back. Lots of novelty orange flowers on long arching spikes. Mature plants will be rather large. $25 each!
Cym. Len Southward 'Tranquility' HCC/AOS B/CSA is hybrid between Fifi and devonianum, and has up to 30 3" bright green flowers on up to 4.5 feet long pendant spikes. It blooms in April and May, with flowers lasting up to 3 months. The plant is a tetraploid and is quite large. $25 each!
Leroys Envy '#1' This is a large flowered greenish yellow with a narrow band of light red on the edge of the lip. Blooms in February to March. $15 each! Limited!
Cym. Lotza Spotz 'Nancy' is a stunning creamy white flower with a patterned red overlay and lots of bold dark red spotting on the sepals and petals. It is about 4 inches across with up to 14 flowers on an arching spike. It is from a diploid cross and normally flowers in March for us. $25 each!
Magic Lantern 'Prolific' is an attractive large flowered orange. It typically has lots of flowers and two or more spikes. Blooms in March. Photo may not be exact. $15 each!
Cym. Marie Bashir 'Shocking' is another bright golden yellow with a bright red flare on the sepals and petals coming from Wallacia. It can have up to 16 flowers 4.5” across on the tall stem and two spikes per bulb if grown well. Can easily make a specimen plant. $25 each!
Mustang Ridge 'Flower Fields' is a very floriferous orange-red with the interestingly patterned lip characteristic of the Mustang Ridge cross. Lots of flowers, usually multiple spikes, blooms in December or January. $15 each!
Pat Rowland 'Nancy' is the best of the very consistent dark pink to red Pat Rowland cross. Lots of 3” flowers on arching spikes to bloom in March. Photo may not be exact. $15 each! Limited!
Cym. Pepperpuss 'Dark Spirit' HCC/AOS JC/AOS is a striking, evil looking flower witn a yellow-green base color and a red overlay, dark red spotting on the sepals and petals and a solid dark red velvety lip. It will have 15-20 3.5 inch flowers on 3 foot long pendant spikes, often with multiple spikes blooming in late March to April. The flowers are very long lived, and can last more than 4 months. $25 each!
Cym. Pepperpuss 'Freckleface' is a light pink flower well spotted with burgundy on the sepals and petals and a deep burgundy spotted lip. It will have up to 15 well spaced 3.5 inch flowers on 3 foot long very pendant spikes, often with multiple spikes blooming in late March to April. The flowers are very long lived, and can last more than 4 months. $25 each!
Cym. Rocky Creek 'Gotcha' AM/AOS B/CSA is a light pink 4 inch flower bold burgundy spotting and with a dark burgundy banded lip on a 3.5 foot long arching spike. It blooms in March with up to 20 flowers on the spike. It is the only cymbidium to be both Grand Champion cymbidium and Best Orchid in the Santa Barbara Show. $40 each!
Cym. Ruby Lips 'Harlequin' is a light round red with 4” flowers that usually blooms in March. Some light spotting from the Bob Marlin ‘Shocking’ parent.$15 each!
Cym. Ruby Lips 'Rose' is one of the lighter colored plants out of the excellent Ruby Lips cross. It is more of a dark pink than the typical red, and is also more of a compact plant. Blooms in February to March. Photo may not be exact.$15 each!
Cym. Samurai Hee-Haw 'Shocking' AM/AOS is a medium pink 4.5 inch nicely spotted flower with a very dark purple red banded lip on medium length spike that blooms in February to March with up to 16 flowers on the spike. $25 each! Limited!
Cym. Skukuza 'Nancy' is a plant that has good potential as a red, pink or spotted parent. Should bloom quickly with up to 14 flowers larger than 5 inches on a tall upright to arching spike. $25 each! Limited!
Cym. Sleeping Dawn 'Dos Pueblos Alba' is a bright yellow pure color, 4.5 inch round flower with up to 15 flowers on upright spikes for March blooms. It has bred some good pure color yellows. $25.00 each!
Cym. Splatters 'Red Velvet' JC/AOS is a free blooming 4" flower with yellow-green sepals and petals with burgundy spots, and a dark solid blood red velvety lip and up to 16 flowers on a long arching spike. $25.00 each!
Cym. Spotted Leopard 'Prolific' is from our remake of the famous Australian cross of Spotted Leopard. Free blooming with some spotting on a dark pink background. Photo may not be exact. $25.00 each!
Cym. Stellar Belle 'Autumn Gold' is a strongly fragrant charming fall-blooming golden yellow novelty to small standard flower. I can usually smell it from across the bench. $15.00 each! Limited!
Cym. Street Hawk 'Prolific' is a free blooming 3" novelty dark red which blooms from December to February on long arching spikes. We have seen as many as eight spikes in a one-gallon pot. $15.00 each!
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