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Revised: 6/7/2021

Sales Policy

Our Sales Policy at the Nursery

All plants we offer for sale have been established in pots for at least 4 months for the youngest crosses. All cymbidium and zygopetalum plants will have a minimum 8 inch leaf length, usually 12 inches or more. We select bulb and growth size plants wherever possible for 3" pots, and 2-3 bulb plants for larger pot sizes.

We believe the plants we provide do not carry either Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus (ORSV) or Cymbidium Mosaic Virus (CymMV). We will replace any plant that tests positive for either of these virus types within 60 days of shipping or sale, or refund the purchase and shipping cost of that plant, providing proof of positive test and plant identification is provided to us. We offer to test any plant we sell using the Agdia dual ORSV/CymMV test for $6.00 to guarantee the plant is clean at time of purchase. More details on virus, virus testing and our nursery virus prevention program is detailed in our Virus Policy.

We offer a large number of cymbidium cultivars as meristem (tissue cultured clones) plants in 6" pot sizes, and in season, may have some cultivars in spike or bud. Most are exclusive selected plants from our 30 year breeding program, but we also have a limited number of cultivars from other growers in Australia or New Zealand. Prices for 3" pot size meristem plants range from $12.50 to $25.00, depending on rarity and general availability. Meristem plants in 6" pots range from $15 to $50, possibly more for varieties in high demand and in spike or flower.

We have one of the largest selections of hybrid cymbidium seedlings available for sale in the US, if not the world. At any given time, we have around 300 different hybrid cymbidium crosses available in sizes ranging from replated flasks to small plants in 3" pots to blooming size plants in 6" pots. 3" cymbidium seedlings are normally priced at $8 each, blooming size 6" seedlings are normally priced at $15 each not in spike. Each spike is priced at $5 additional above the normal seedling price. Sales of plants in spike is normally limited to the nursery or at the various sales and shows we attend. For shipment of plants in spike, contact us.

We normally ship priority mail by USPS, but can ship by UPS or FedEx if necessary. Our shipping charge is no longer based on a percentage of the order, but by the number, size, and destination of the shipment. For details, please see the cover sheet for our order form in the catalog section. 3" plants are normally shipped in pot; larger plants are normally shipped bare root. For shipment of larger plants in pot, contact us to arrange for additional shipping costs. Certain states such as Oregon and Texas require shipping all plants bare root to avoid agricultural inspection of the shipment. Other states, mostly the Gulf coast states, require inspection of the bare root shipment by agricultural inspection officers which currently costs $43 for each shipment. Overnight or second day shipment will require additional shipping charges which will be billed with the order.

We offer quantity discounts for larger plant purchases. The quantity discount schedule is as follows:

Under $100, there is no discount.
For purchases between $100 and $250, the discount is 5%.
For purchases between $250 and $500, the discount is 10%.
For purchases between $500 and $1000, the discount is 15%.
For purchases over $1000, the discount is 20%.

We accept cash, personal checks with adequate identification, Mastercard and Visa for purchases.

We do sell at wholesale prices to valid resellers. For resale purchases to be sold in California, we must have the buyer's California Resale Permit number and informantion on file, and proof that the buyer is engaged in selling plants. We also require proof that the buyer has a valid California Nursery License or Farmer's Market Permit. For out of state wholesale buyers, contact us to establish your wholesale account. Wholesale purchases are normally picked up at the nursery. We do not normally deliver wholesale purchases.