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List of 2022 divisions

Welcome to our list of divisions for the 2022-23 season. Please note that these are subject to prior sale and are limited to the quantities listed. One division per plant per customer, please. Note that names such as '1643 A' are not true clonal names, but merely internal reference numbers, and can be changed after consulting us. We prefer that these plants be picked up at the nursery or at a show; established plants in one-gallon pots or smaller may be shipped if not in spike. Prices are listed for plants not in spike; we reserve the right to adjust for plants in spike, especially in case of multiple spikes. Please send in all orders directly via email to so we have an exact time in case of multiple requests for the same plant. Last updated 1/26/2023, 3:00 PM. This will probably be the final update for the season.

Photographs are provided when available. Thanks to Arthur Pinkers for providing many of the pictures.

Cym. Cleo's Melody 'Freak-Out' AD/CSA is a most unusual 3.5 inch ivory white sepal peloric flower with the pattern and shape of half a lip reproduced on the lower half of the lateral sepals. About half of the offspring exhibit the same peloric markings in the lateral sepals for at least three generations so the mutation appears to be a genetically dominant trait. This is the ancestor of most of the sepal peloric cymbidiums you will see. 8" - $60
Devon Jade '1705C' is the thid plant we kept from the experimental cross of (Jade Pagoda x devonianum). Long pendant spikes with novelty-sized green flowers lightly overlaid with red. May have some degree of warmth tolerance. Photo may not be exact, but note that this is not the recent grand champion. Gallon - $35
Elderberry Wine 'Rose' is an early-blooming dusky pink novelty to small standard. Should have some warmth tolerance. Gallon - $25
Glitter Gulch 'Goldie' is a bright pure color yellow that should flower for the spring shows. One of our regular customers with an excellent eye for quality made sure to get the most recent piece! Gallon - $35, 5" - $30
Joint Venture 'Nugget' is a large-flowered yellow with good shape for midseason. We try to be selective in using this for breeding as it does not have a large flower count. Tetraploid. 8" - $25
Kauai 'Lemon Drop' is another large pure color yellow that blooms in the fall. Lots of flowers on fairly tall spikes. Tetraploid. 2Gallon - $40, 5" - $30
Pee Wee 'Solana Beach' HCC/AOS B/CSA is a cross of (pumilum x madidum) and will have lots of miniature green flowers on arching to pendant spikes. Can be a bit temperamental; best not to overpot it. Plants can grow rather large. Should be warmth tolerant. 2Gallon - $40
Val Peck '1523A' is from a cross we made with Cym. Len Southward 'Tranquility' some years ago. Clear green flowers with a distinctive two-tone red and yellow lip on long pendent spikes. Plant can get quite large due to the madidum influence. Should have some degree of warmth tolerance as well.6" - $30
Valley Oracle 'Variegated' is a non-staining bright green round 4.5 inch flower with a bright red banded lip. It can have up to 14 flowers on a medium arching spike. Despite the name, it does not actually have variegated leaves. 6" - $25
Via Coyote 'Blackbeard' is a nice dark red for midseason. Fairly compact plants. We've used it for breeding a couple of times. Blooms in Feb.-March. 6" - $25
Zig-Zag 'Kiwi' is an interesting mini dangler. Little green flowers with an almost solid red lip on pendent spikes. Very compact growing; we almost never have it in anything larger than a 5" pot. 5" - $35
(Avranches x Peter Dawson) '2003A' is from a recent cross we made where I had the idea to see how the famous Cym. Peter Dawson 'Grenadier' would breed if crossed with a green flower. Very large green flowers with a red banded lip. Photo may not be exact. 6" - $25
(Dorothy Rowe x Valley Splash) '1790A' is a medium-sized standard light pink with a bit of a pettern to it. 2Gallon - $35
(Dream Catcher x Valley Splash) '1963D' is from a cross that has produced a lot of nice patterned seedlings. This will have a soft pink pattern over a white background. 6"(2) - $35
(Everett Stockstill x Marie Bashir) '1975A' is from a recent cross we made to try to add spotting to our line of patterned cymbidiums. The spotting didn't take, but these should still have a nice red pattern over a yellow background. 2Gallon - $40, Gallon - $35
(Rincon Peak x Valley Splash) '1813A' is a darker pink patterned flower than many of the others we have listed. Still will have a white background but the pattern will be a medium to dark pink from the Rincon Peak influence. 6" - $40